Opportunities to Make a Difference

Gift a non-schooling Girl with Sanitary Napkins!

Opportunities to Make a Difference

• Sponsor 1 year’s supply packet for one girl: $12.00
• Sponsor 1 year’s supply packet for 10 girls: $120.00
• Sponsor 1 year’s supply packet for 100 girls: $1200.00


In Kenya alone, more than 1 million children remain out of school, with 56% of this population being girls, from low income urban slums areas (UNESCO 2012). Onset to puberty and adolescents send majority of the girls desperately searching for ways to manage their menstrual hygiene, since the parents, if present, are not even able to place food on the table. Some teenage girls in our Life Bloom program have been sexually exploited by adult males to earn $0.5 for pads, others use old cloth.


The project will address Menstrual Hygiene Management among 834 girls in 2019 (Naivasha Sub County, Kenya). Each girl will receive 2 packets of Nawiri Sanitary Napkins(@ $1.00) every month for 12 months: keeping them away from the cycle of sexual exploitation. Menstrual hygiene education will be offered through the year. One young woman will be hired to coordinate the project, giving her a source of income. Approximately 430 of the beneficiaries will receive the basic package of Leadership training, business and entrepreneurship training and mentoring for personal transformation.

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